Ayurveda Health Retreats

At the Euroved Clinic

You’ll find the Euroved Clinic at Laach Lake near the picturesque Eifel volcano. It is very easy to reach from Cologne, Bonn, and Koblenz, yet remote enough so that you can really and profoundly relax. The Euroved Clinic is an ideal place for healing, relaxation, and regeneration via Ayurvedic health retreats and treatments.

Panchakarma-Kur bei Euroved

Panchakarma Health Retreat

The Supreme Discipline of Ayurveda

Panchakarma health retreats activate the body’s own self-healing powers and initiate a profound and lasting regeneration. The Euroved Clinic specializes in this Ayurvedic therapy. Our patients enjoy an individual, one-to-one treatment from our doctors and therapists.

Ayurvedische Wellness in der Euroved Klinik

Ayurveda Weekend

Profound Relaxation and Regeneration

An Ayurvedic weekend provides the ideal conditions to unplug from daily life and recharge your batteries within the shortest amount of time. At the Euroved Clinic, you will enjoy individual treatments specifically tailored to your Ayurvedic constitution.

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About the Euroved Clinic

The Euroved Clinic is located on the outskirts of the town of Bell, next to Laach Lake near the famous Maria Laach monastery. Your view from the house spans rolling hills with ever-changing colors and patterns of the respective season: beautiful countryside where you can stay for a while and unwind.

Under the direction of Dr Harsha Gramminger, a team of experienced Ayurvedic physicians and therapists takes care of our patients. Up to four people can sleep in the house at the same time; we can also book additional accommodations in the surrounding hotels and guesthouses as required.

Our in-house Ayurveda chef serves you organic meals that are prepared specifically for your Ayurveda constitution. This will make your stay a truly regenerating and healing experience.

Holistic Variety

As a holistic medical system, Ayurveda has an incredible variety of treatment methods. The emergence of diseases is viewed in a far more differentiated manner than in Western medicine. At the same time, health is not simply considered the absence of illness or injury, rather a perfect balance of the human being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and even socially.

At the Euroved Clinic, patients benefit from this diverse offer of Ayurvedic methods: massages, manual treatments, special oils, purification and detoxification as well as yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation.

Individual Treatment

An Ayurvedic medical treatment is always based on the individual constitution of the patient. At the Euroved Clinic, we uphold this noble standard with a detailed initial examination (anamnesis) as well as one-on-one treatment from our doctors and therapists.