Ayurveda Weekend

Forget the stress of everyday life, and enjoy a refreshing Ayurveda weekend in the scenic beauty of the Eifel region in western Germany. An intensive health retreat helps you detox and relax. The ideal brief vacation for health, well-being, and satisfaction.

Ayurveda Weekend Retreat Program

The introductory Ayurvedic health retreat begins on Friday afternoon with a consultation from our Ayurveda doctor. She examines your current state of health and goals and creates an individual health program based on your Ayruvedic constitution.

Thereafter, an initial Padabhyanga foot massage from one of our Ayurveda therapists helps you to relax immediately. After the Ayurvedic dinner, we recommend a short walk. If you’d like, you may spend the evening browsing through our Ayurveda library.

You start Saturday morning with yoga or meditation. After breakfast, a cleansing Abhyanga full-body massage and a refreshing mindfulness walk are on the agenda.

A Padabhyanga foot massage follows in the afternoon as well as your choice of either meditation or exercise in the fresh air.

Sunday also begins with yoga or meditation. You enjoy yet another mid-morning massage based on the assessment of your attending Ayurveda therapist.

After lunch, our Ayurvedic doctor will meet with you for a brief concluding discussion before you begin the new week with strength and vitality.

Ayurvedische Fußmassage in der Euroved Klinik

Booking Your Ayurveda Weekend

Our team will inform you directly about the available dates and prices.

All You Need to Know about the Ayurveda Weekend

Will I Be Served Ayurvedic Food During the Health Retreat?

During your stay, our chef will serve you delicious Ayurvedic cuisine of the highest organic quality. All your meals are prepared fresh and according to your individual Ayurveda type.

The price includes two evening meals (Friday & Saturday) as well as two breakfasts and lunches (Saturday & Sunday). Ayurvedic tea and mineral water are also available to you at all times. Please note that we do not serve alcohol.

Do I Have to Participate in the Yoga and Meditation Classes?

Yoga and meditation are essential components of the Ayurvedic medical system. Of course, you only have to participate in what you enjoy. All exercises are suitable for beginners and are guided by an experienced Ayurveda therapist.

What Effects Can I Expect From the Massages and Treatments?

All treatments are provided by experienced Ayurveda therapists. The type of massage and oils used depend on your Ayurveda type. The goal of the treatments is for your body to detox and regenerate.

What Should I Bring to the Ayurvedic Health Retreat?

Please bring comfortable clothes for the yoga and meditation sessions. We also recommend wearing rubber sandals (flip-flops).

You’ll find a bathrobe and towels for the treatments in your room.

Can I Book the Ayurveda Weekend for Two People?

Of course you can book the Ayurvedic weekend with your partner or a friend. Yoga and meditation are practiced together. The massages or treatments always take place individually.

Please note that we have only a few places available in order to provide an optimal guest-to-therapist ratio and individual care. If you would prefer an Ayurveda health retreat for two, we ask that you register in advance or let our team know prior your stay with us.

What Can I Do for my Health After the Weekend Retreat?

Our Ayurveda doctor will give you tips concerning your individual constitution during the concluding discussion. She will also recommend teas and herbs that fit your Ayurveda type. You can purchase these high-quality Ayurveda products directly on-site.