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Holistic Ayurvedic methods and products are in growing demand among patients throughout the Western world. This is no longer just about wellness. Instead, the focus is on medical treatment and preventive care. The euroved product seminars enable doctors, therapists, and pharmacists to adequately meet this demand.

Content of the Product Seminars

The experienced Ayurveda Dr. Harsha Gramminger explains the use of diverse Guggulu preparations, Asavas, and Arishtas (Ayurvedic herbal drinks) as well as possible combination treatments with pills. You will learn which Ayurvedic products are suitable for different illnesses and ailments and which effects the application of these products has on Dhatus (tissue) and Srotas (body channels).

One part of the training is reserved for your example cases, which we gladly discuss together.

Upcoming Product Training

Currently no product training takes place.

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