New publication: New Age Ayurveda Handbook by Dr. Harsha Gramminger

For the majority of people living in Germany “health” means a certain state of personal wellbeing and capability. But how do you achieve this fit, balanced and vital body, soul and mind on a natural basis? The answers to these questions are offered in the New Age Ayurveda handbook of Doctor Harsha Gramminger. She enables an intuitive approach to the over 5,000 year’s old teachings about a long and healthy life from India. The author points out, how nutrition, meditation and Yoga may even today contribute their advantages for a healthy and happy life.

In her book, the physician picks up the major subjects of every phase of life and age group and therefore develops a new psychological perspective of Ayurveda.

“What bothers us during the particular life phases and how do we deal with the daily challenges of today’s lifestyle?” asks Dr. Gramminger. „New Age Ayurveda is able to support us even here, whether we have to deal with lovesickness as a teenager or emancipation questions as middle-aged woman.” Besides Yoga and awareness exercises the reader learns in detailed explanations about herbs which specific preparations can support life in all circumstances.

New Age Ayurveda shows how to take self-responsibility for one’s own life and its individual configuration. “The key for physical and mental wellness is a personal, type-adequate diet and lifestyle,” Dr. Gramminger explains. The New Age Ayurveda handbook picks up every reader exactly at the point of life, where she or he is standing in every day’s turbulences. The author gives specific diet-, exercise-, Yoga- and meditation advices for every age class. The reader develops a new, intuitive approach to his body, mind and soul. Dr. Gramminger skillfully succeeds in building a bridge between Eastern and Western philosophy and thus creates a modern lifestyle, which is based on the imperturbable foundations and teachings of millenniums.

“The Ayurveda handbook was created by the wish to inspire people to live a healthy and happy life,” says Dr. Gramminger. The vital physician is 61 years old and a living example for the unbroken effectiveness of the ancient Indian wisdom of health. „New Age Ayurveda is a thrilling expedition to more love of life, health and happiness – starting with the infant up to the Hundred-year-old.”

Dr. Harsha Gramminger: New Age Ayurveda – Mein Handbuch: Tipps für jede Lebensphase (Band II). Bell 2014: Om Medicus Verlag, 350 Seiten, gebunden, ISBN: 978-3-00-044565-1 , € 48,00

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