Dr. Lad Sommer Intensive Seminar 2015 (29. Jul – 2. Aug 2015)

Program of the Summer Intensive Seminar with the world-renowned Ayurveda expert Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic summer camp at the Euroved Akademie in Germany.

29 July 2015: The effect of vasthu on health and ill health

  • how the bathroom influences our health and relationship
  • effect of the kitchen at different places of the house on the body, mind and consciousness
  • how to enhance your prosperity through proper correction of your vasthu

30 July 2015: Disorders of disturbed dosha, dhatu and malas and their specific treatment

31 July 2015: Major psychiatric disorders and their management according to ayurvedic protocoll e.g. depression, bipolar disorders, ADHD, Schizophrenia

1 August 2015: Spiritual awakening in daily life, the role of Kundalini in spiritual realization, if Kundalini is blocked or goes into the wrong Nadi (cul-de-sac) and clinical manifestation of Kundalini syndrome and their proper management

2 August 2015: Pulse assessment of manas prakruti, vikruti, evaluation of your gunas (qualities), chakra system and their specific treatment protocol

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[fusion_li_item icon=”fa-user”]Doctors, alternative-medicine practitioners, Ayurveda beginners & practitioners[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=”fa-calendar”]29 July – 2 August 2015 [/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=”fa-bank”]Euroved Academy (Ayurvedic Summer Camp)[/fusion_li_item]
[fusion_li_item icon=”fa-eur”]EUR 800, single day EUR 180 each.[/fusion_li_item]

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