15th Dr Lad Summer Intensive Seminar - 2014

15th Annual Ayurveda Education Programme with Dr. VASANT LAD and Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger

30th July –  03rd August 2014 in Maria Laach/Eifel

The Euroved Academy is pleased to invite you to the 15th Ayurvedic ‘Summer Intensive’ with Dr. Vasant Lad. The location is again, the historical site of Maria Laach idyllically situated in the volcanic Eifel with its Benedictine monastery, volcanic lake and wonderful landscape. Once again Euroved offers you a fascinating program. There is a different topic each day. This permits the participants to take part in individual seminars or the complete programme. Dr. Lad will be addressing new topics and by his unique teaching methods bring life to the subjects.  The program is for all those who have wanted to know about Ayurveda and also for physicians, healthcare professionals, Yoga teachers & therapists, who would like to practice Ayurveda and deepen their knowledge. The cost of participation includes seminars, Ayurvedic lunch and two tea breaks during the day. Accommodation should be booked separately by the participants. See some local suggestions below.

Dr. Lad topics Maria Laach: Theory and Practicum

Day 1: Tumors i.e. Cancer / Abuda

  • Pathology - (pathogenesis) Primary disease and metastatic  
  • Ayurvedic treatment for Specific Sites - (chikitsa) 
  • Skin, Urinary System( i.e. Kidney, Bladder), Respiratory System( i.e. Lung, Nasopharynx), Gastrointestinal (liver, stomach, colon, pancreas, rectum)

Day 2: Autoimmune Disease

  • Pathology - (pathogenesis)
  • Ayurvedic treatment for Specific Diseases - (chikitsa) 
  • Lupus erythematodes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Eczema atopica, Sclerodermia

Day 3: Pulse Diagnosis

  • focus point: evaluation of dhatus through pulse diagnoses with their specific treatments

Day 4: The ayurvedic perspective of endocrinological disorders

  • Thyroid disorders, menopause/andropause

Day 5: The ayurvedic approach to neurological disorders

  • Parkinsonism, apoplexy, multiple sclerosis, ALS, dementia, Alzheimers,  Morbus Parkinson, burnout

Application form here


Seehotel Maria Laach
D-56663 Maria Laach
phone: +49-(0)2652-5840
fax: +49-(0)2652 584522

Route to Maria Laach:

From the Cologne-Bonn airport 80 km
From the Frankfurt airport 110 km
From Frankfurt-Hahn airport 80 km
Koblenz 15 km
Mainz 110 km

The "Summer Intensive" takes place in a very beautiful green wooded area in the Seehotel next to a volcanic lake - Maria Laach. The Hotel  has two restaurants, a rose garden, summerterrace, a beer and wine lounge and a wellness centre. Nearby there is a Benedictine monastery, an abbey church, a book and art shop and a Restaurant overlooking the Lake. The hotel is situated at the Brohltal Volcanic Park by Maria Laach in the Ahrweiler health-region.

Accomodation near the Seminar Centre

Seehotel Maria-Laach
in D-56653 Maria LaachTel
Fon: +49 2652/5840/
Single: 88,- € / Double: 144,- €

Hotel Waldfrieden am Laacher See
Laacherseestraße 1
56654 Wassenach
Fon.: +49 2636/80960
Single: 48,- € / Double: 70,- €

Hotel Laacher Lai
Bahnstraße 66
56743 Mendig
Fon.: +49 2652/936470-0
Single: 48,- € / Double: 70,- € (inkl. Frühstück)

Waldhaus am Laacher See
Heimschule 1
56645 Nickenich
Fon.: +49 2636/3344
Single: 46,- €/ Double: 35,- €

Pension Degen
Oststraße 16
56743 Mendig
Fon.: +49 2652/1758
Single: 19,- € (shared shower)
Double: 21,- € (shared shower, depending on availability)




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